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Group print entries

The vast majority of print entries to our competition are individually submitted by the entrant and our postage inclusive fees that cover the return of prints are based on this assumption. However, in the case of group entries, our embedded postage charges may sometimes significantly exceed the actual cost of return postage. In this situation, we are prepared to refund the excess postage.

Typically, group entries involve a large box of prints being sent to us by a co-ordinator, with the box of prints being returned to that person at the end of the competition. This reduces postage costs in both directions.

We are happy to accommodate such group entries and make a refund of the excess postage charges but there are some rules that must be followed to avoid potential confusion and unnecessary work. Our refund offer is dependent on compliance with these rules, so please read them carefully!

  1. At least four print entrants are required to form a group and the total nominal postage charge* for the group must significantly exceed the actual cost of the return postage.
  2. All members of the group must use the same entry method, i.e. online or postal (as always, online is much preferred).
  3. Each member of the group must pay the postage-inclusive fee. We cannot accept non standard payments for return postage of prints as our database has not been designed to record such payments.
  4. All prints must be delivered and returned via a group co-ordinator (who must be one of the entrants) and each member must write the co-ordinator's name in the 'Return prints via' box when making their individual entry. This helps to ensure that the individual entries are linked together on our system, so don't miss it out!
  5. If your group insists on making a postal entry we would appreciate a written summary of the individual fees in order to check that your total group payment is correct.
  6. Your refund request should be made after the published print return date in mid-May (when the actual return cost is known) but before the end of June 2020.

*For any individual entry, the nominal postage charge may be calculated by subtracting the postage-exclusive fee from the equivalent postage-inclusive fee.

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