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Key dates for SIE 2011 (now closed)

Closing date 5 Feb 2011
Judging for classes A, B & E 19-20 Feb 2011
Judging for classes C, D & F 25-27 Feb 2011
Report cards 4 Mar 2011
Official opening 30 Apr 2011
Catalogues posted 15 May 2011
Prints posted 15 May 2011

Entry classes

A Mono Print
B Colour Print
F Nature Print
C Open Digital
D Nature Digital
E Photo Travel Digital

2011 Selection Panels

There are two panels of judges,each handling a different group of entry classes.

  A, B & E C, D & F
Steven Le Prevost  FRPS AFIAP MPAGB  
Alan Millward  FRPS FPSA MPAGB HonPAGB  
Dr Anne Sutcliffe  FRPS EFIAP  
Paul Keene  FRPS EFIAP/p MPAGB  
Colin Smith  FRPS  
Martin Western  ARPS DPAGB BPE2*  

Steven Le Prevost  FRPS AFIAP MPAGB

Steven is a creative photographer and digital artist based in Guernsey. His distinctive style of work is well known and has been rewarded with many major awards at national and international photographic salons.

He was enrolled as a Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society in 2006 with a panel of still life prints and more recently has had work included in the Royal Photographic Society's Permanent Collection for the Nation. Towards the end of 2010 Steven held his first solo exhibition and is keen to explore the possibility of showcasing more of his work to a wider audience in the future.

When creating new images his aim is to produce a picture that will suit his style of work. He likes to challenge the fundamentals and boundaries of known photography by purposely breaking the recognised rules of composition whenever he feels he can do so. He is also known for intentionally removing some of the sharpness seen in the captured image and introducing a soft, gentle and maybe impressionistic feel to the picture. His workflow normally involves some art and craft techniques, which he then combines with the initial captured photographic image to produce the end result. Finally, he prints using textured art paper.

Steven is a sponsored Fotospeed lecturer and can often be found at various venues across the UK giving illustrated talks.



Alan is a double fellow of the RPS with monochrome environmental people images and also enjoys taking colour landscape, nature and travel. He was awarded the RPS Fenton Medal for services to photography.

He has lectured on photography throughout the UK and in five other countries. An enthusiastic exhibitor, Alan has over 3500 international acceptances and has judged at over 70 international exhibitions in seven countries. He is past Chairman of the Midland and London Salons.

Alan has served on the RPS Distinction Panels for 19 years, assessing Licentiateship, Associateship and Fellowship. He is currently on the Travel Panel.


Dr Anne Sutcliffe  FRPS EFIAP

In 1982, Anne's father, John Sutcliffe FRPS, inspired her interest in photography when she discovered that instinctively she could identify which of his images would be successful. The transition from successful ‘judge’ to successful photographer was not easy but eventually, with her father’s help, she got there.

With support from her long term partner Alan Millward (and husband as of 2009), Anne's photographic horizons broadened. She developed a personal style and her pictures have been described as pastel or pale and interesting. As a sideline, her pictures of ladies’ loos are a source of frequent comment! Anne's best pictures are those that tell stories and can only appreciated by close and considered examination.

Anne has been successful on the international amateur exhibition circuit and has been invited to judge and lecture nationally and internationally. She is proud to be not only an invited member of the London Salon but also of the Eyecon Group, whose appraisal and wisdom has led to the creation of many successful images. She is currently one of three chairs of the Licentiate Assessment Panel appointed by the Royal Photographic Society.

For many years Anne helped to run the Association of Anaesthetists of Great Britain and Ireland Art Exhibition, curating it from 2004 to 2008. Encouraging professional doctors to display and develop their hidden artistic talents proved to be a magical experience.



Paul has been actively involved in photography for over 40 years and his main interests are wildlife and landscape photography and the production of audio visuals.

Paul is a Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society and a prolific international exhibitor. Over the last 15 years, more than 800 of his photographs have been accepted for exhibitions in 30 different countries and he has received many awards, including 12 gold medals. In February 2003, he received the Platinum Award for Excellence from FIAP, becoming the 3rd photographer in the UK to achieve this level. In the following November, Paul also won Practical Photography Magazine’s "Photographer of the Year" competition.

In 2001, Paul was awarded a Gold Medal in the Beijing International Exhibition of Photographic Art and he was subsequently invited to China as a guest of the Chinese Photographic Association. Since then he has developed a strong relationship with the CPA and has visited China on three further occasions, including a trip to Tibet in 2005. A collection of his photographs has been exhibited in three cities in China this year.


Colin Smith  FRPS

Following two years in the RAF as a National Service photographer in the 1950s, Colin has always had a keen interest in producing pictures.

He has a wide ranging interest in photography but is best known for his work in natural history. Colin has had work published frequently in books and magazines over the past thirty years and has also given audio-visual presentations on countryside topics all over the UK.

As well as winning many awards over the years in both national and international salons, he has also often acted as a judge for most of the UK exhibitions.

A few years ago he was awarded ‘Practical Photography Magazine Photographer of the Year’ and has since won the Butterfly Conservation’s photography competition to become ‘Butterfly Photographer of The Year’.

Colin gained the Fellowship of The Royal Photographic Society in the 1990s and was later invited to join the A & F Nature Panel to assess applicants' work for the prestigious A & F distinctions. Later Colin became chairman of the Nature Panel.

He is also a member of the highly successful ‘Wigan 10 Foto Club’, who have won the PAGB British projected image annual competition on seven occasions and the print competition once. Wigan 10 were also placed first in the inaugural World Cup Club competition and in 2007 won the European Club competition.


Martin Western  ARPS DPAGB BPE2*

Martin specialises in natural history, landscapes and human evolution. He was raised in Tanzania, and his father (an honorary game warden) encouraged his early interest and passion for photography and helped him understand the world of wildlife.

He lectured for many years on the subject and has worked with Kenya National Park programmes, scientists and film makers. His images have appeared in several books and magazines.

Martin has also had numerous acceptances and awards in national and international exhibitions and represented Bournemouth Photographic Society in Southern Photographic Federation battles for many years, achieving awards including interfederation PAGB finals. His philosophy in photography is to to develop his skills and talents when judging and to raise awareness, appreciation and understanding of the world of natural history in his lectures.

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