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Key dates for SIE 2013

Closing date 27 Jan 2013  
Judging for classes A, B & C 8-11 Feb 2013  
Judging for classes D, E & F 23-24 Feb 2013  
Report cards 6 Mar 2013  
Official opening 27 Apr 2013  
Catalogues posted 15 May 2013
(digital only entrants)
17 Jun 2013
(print entrants)
Prints posted 17 Jun 2013  

Entry classes

A Mono Print
B Colour Print
C Open Digital
D Nature Digital
E Photo Travel Digital
F Nature Print

2013 Selection Panels

There are two panels of judges, each handling a different group of entry classes. Please note that there has been a late change in our list of judges as Chris Hinterobermaier has had to withdraw. Fortunately, Rikki O'Neill has kindly agreed to take his place at short notice.

  A, B & C D, E & F
Rikki O'Neill  FRPS MPAGB FIPF  
Maureen Toft  EFIAP/p MPSA MPAGB  
Sandy Cleland  FRPS AFIAP  
Karen Berry  FRPS AFIAP  
Edmund Fellowes  ARPS MPAGB  


A creative photographer and artist by profession, Rikki has combined his artistic and photographic skills over the past 30 years to produce award-winning images in monochrome, colour and more recently through digital techniques.

His photography is a variety of moody landscapes, powerful portraits, soft still-life images - essentially images that try to evoke emotion with the viewer. Rikki aims to create a "painterly" quality and through vision and artistic skill has produced unique images that have won acclaim both nationally and internationally.

He has exhibited in major group exhibitions and more recently has had six, one-man exhibitions. Rikki has also had his artistic photographs published as illustrations in a national magazine.

Rikki is on the Roll of Honour of the Scottish Photographic Federation. As a Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society he has served on the Visual Arts Associateship and Fellowship Panels for the past 9 years, and is now on the Printing Panel. He is also a Fellow of the Irish Photographic Federation and a Master of the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain and has been elected as a member of the London Salon.

He currently works as a free-lance artist/illustrator of children's books. Rikki is also a cartoonist with a Scottish Newspaper and produces artistic digital photographs for national magazines.



Ann has been an active photographer for the last 30 years. She spent her working life in scientific publishing, which enabled her to keep abreast with all the changes from traditional to digital photography and printing. Ann is currently Secretary to The London Salon; a position that keeps her in touch with the best of pictorial photography around the world. She gained an Associateship in Nature and a Fellowship in Visual Arts and is currently Deputy Chair of the Visual Arts Panel. In her photography, she uses all the available digital techniques: camera, manipulation and printing to depict the interactions of people, architecture, nature and landscape. Ann is a Permajet lecturer and gives talks all round Britain as well as workshops and individual tuition.


Maureen Toft  EFIAP/p MPSA MPAGB

Maureen became interested in photography in the early 1990s and enjoys all aspects of it. For over ten years she has been entering National and International exhibitions, meeting like-minded people and sharing her enthusiasm. In addition, she enjoys giving talks to camera clubs and PAGB Federations. Maureen was Print Secretary for the Southampton International Exhibition for several years and still helps out whenever possible.


Sandy Cleland  FRPS AFIAP

Sandy has been interested in nature since very early childhood but it was the television programmes such as 'Look' with Peter Scott and the 'On Safari' series with Armand and Michaela Dennis that kindled his passion to record nature on film - starting at the age of 13 with standard 8mm cine film.

He has been a member of Edinburgh Photographic Society for over 40 years and has held the positions of President and International Exhibition Secretary. Sandy is currently the External Competition Secretary.

The Royal Photographic Society has also been very important to Sandy. He became an Associate in 1980 and a Fellow in 1986. Both awards were with nature slides. He has also been involved with the Licentiateship Panel both as a panel member and a Chairman as well as being a member of the A & F panel for nature. At present he is a member of the Distinctions Advisory Board.

In the past, Sandy has tended to work on individual images but now he likes to work on panels of subjects. This in part is mainly due to digital as it is now much easier and less time consuming to produce prints. With slides it was not so easy to do panels as each slide is on the screen as an individual image. Prints on the other hand, can be more easily viewed and related as a panel.

Natural history has always been and still is Sandy's main interest but he enjoys all types of photography, especially subjects such as landscape and the more creative aspects of image making.

Sandy has always enjoyed his hobby, visiting other clubs and meeting with kindred spirits. His enthusiasm for photography today is as strong as when he first started, having been rekindled by digital technology.


Karen Berry  FRPS AFIAP

Karen started taking photographs when she was nine years old. Her first distinctions were gained with nature colour slides, obtaining a LRPS in 1996 and ARPS in 1999. Her AFIAP was gained in 2008. Karen was delighted to attain her FRPS in November 2012 with a natural history panel of prints.

She has been entering national and international photographic exhibitions since the age of 15 and has judged salons in Scotland, England, Wales, Ireland and Guernsey. Karen has been a member of Edinburgh Photographic Society for many years and served as President from 2004-2006 and sat on the Exhibitions Committee for their International Exhibition.

Karen judges and lectures at camera clubs and is also a member of the Licentiate Panel of the Royal Photographic Society and an elected member of the RPS Advisory Board. She is an active photographer and a keen traveller, taking images wherever she goes. Her particular interests are in natural history, monochrome and creative photography.


Edmund Fellowes  ARPS MPAGB

Edmund is a lifelong wildlife enthusiast, mainly interested in birds, but also in plants, fungi, invertebrates and indeed anything that breathes or grows. He started with bird photography by putting up his first hides as a schoolboy in the 1960s, inspired by Eric Hosking and Seton Gordon, who was active with a plate camera in the 1920s. Edmund thinks that Seton Gordon's photographs of eagles at the nest have never been bettered.

In 1970, Edmund moved from London to Dumfries, where he has photographed the local wildlife extensively. He has won the British Birds magazine's "Bird Photograph of the Year" on three occasions. He is an MPAGB and gained the ARPS in 2012, with a panel of bird prints from Scotland. He has also travelled widely, photographing nature on all seven continents.

Edmund joined Dumfries Camera Club in 1970 and has served a turn as its president. He retired from work as a GP in 2005 and has since increased his bird related activities. In addition to photography, he is the Dumfriesshire regional representative for the British Trust for Ornithology, and his pictures can be seen in many of their publications and on their website.

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