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Key dates for SIE 2018

Closing date 4 Feb 2018    
Judging for classes A, B & C 16-18 Feb 2018    
Judging for classes D, E & F 24-25 Feb 2018    
Report cards 7 Mar 2018
Official opening 29 Apr 2018    
Catalogues posted 13 May 2018    
Prints posted 13 May 2018    
Deadline for entrants to report missing items 31 Jul 2018   e.g. missing catalogues, prints or awards

Entry classes

Classes A, B & F are for prints, Classes C, D & E are for digital images (colour or monochrome).
You can enter up to four images in each class.

A - Monochrome print PSA - PPD
B - Colour print PSA - PPD
C - Open digital PSA - PID*
D - Nature digital PSA - ND
E - Photo travel digital PSA - PTD
F - Nature print PSA - ND

* Acceptances in the PSA's PID recognised Colour sections shall be credited towards PID Colour Star ratings and Who’s Who Colour listings. Monochrome images accepted in PID recognized Colour sections shall only be credited towards PID Colour Star Ratings.

All acceptance eligibility shall be in accordance with the PID Star Ratings or the Galaxy/Diamond Ratings requirements as appropriate.

2018 Selection Panels

There are two panels of judges, each handling a different group of entry classes.

  A, B & C D, E & F
Joan Blease ARPS EFIAP/b MPAGB  
Lynne Morris  AFIAP DPAGB BPE3  
Tony Worobiec  FRPS  
Jo McIntyre  MPAGB  
Louis Rumis EFIAP MPAGB  


In late 2007, Joan bought her first SLR camera and a copy of Photoshop and set about learning them both. She feels that she has an artist's eye and has loved drawing and painting for as long as she can remember. Discovering digital photography has broadened her artistic horizons.

She really enjoys blurring the boundaries of where painting and photography meet and lots of her images have a definite painterly feel. Joan says “It really makes me happy if people can't tell whether what they are looking at is a painting or a photograph ... if they can't, I know I have succeeded”. That said, she also enjoys and photographs different genres, including nature, studio portraiture, travel and fine art nudes.

Joan has has gained many awards (including Gold medals and Best of Show) in International and UK Exhibitions and Competitions.


Lynne Morris  AFIAP DPAGB BPE3

Lynne Morris is a photographer and creative artist based in North Wales. As a Senior Graphic Designer, she has an invaluable sense for photographic art. Lynne doesn’t capture moments, she captures ideas. With the help of her camera and Photoshop, the goal is to make her images look as realistic as possible.

To Lynne, photography is just a way to collect material to realize the ideas in her mind with a problem-solving approach. Although one photo can consist of hundreds of different images, she always wants it to look as if it could have been captured in a single shot.

Her pictures are about the spectacular, the entertaining; always with a touch of mystery. They are created with much attention to detail, and you can feel this, looking through her images. For Lynne, a good picture is like the first line of a story, with the viewer wanting to know how the tale continues, so the majority of her pictures tell a story. She hopes they surprise, bring astonishment and a slight grin.


Tony Worobiec  FRPS

Tony Worobiec studied Fine Art at The University of Newcastle upon Tyne and spent 18 years as head of a large design faculty in Dorset. He has won awards for photography in the UK and internationally, and has had work exhibited in London’s Barbican Gallery, The Independent Photographers Gallery, The Fox Talbot Museum and Bradford’s National Museum of Photography. Tony's work is in the permanent collections of The Royal Photographic Society and The Fox Talbot Museum.

He regularly writes articles for photographic magazines both here in the UK and America. He is also the author of 16 books, the latest of which, “Photographing Landscape Whatever The Weather”, was considered one of the ten best books published in 2016 by The RPS Journal. Nearly 200,000 copies of his books have been sold worldwide and have been translated into Dutch, German, Spanish, Taiwanese, Mandarin, Russian and, rather fittingly, Polish.

Possibly Tony's most prestigious project to date is one he did with his wife Eva, which resulted in "Ghosts in the Wilderness; Abandoned America". This iconic book is often quoted by colleges and universities as the definitive documentary on abandoned communities of the American High Plains. Published in 2003, it was very enthusiastically reviewed in The Guardian, The Independent, The Washington Post and Stern Magazine in Germany.



Paul has been involved in photography for nearly 50 years. His interest began with a desire to record wildlife, but his subject range soon expanded to include landscape, travel, portraiture, creative, and street photography. Paul also enjoys producing AVs, and his knowledge has expanded mainly as a result of belonging to two very successful photographic societies: Amersham and Smethwick.

He was awarded his Fellowship of the RPS in 1991 for a panel of colour landscape prints. In 1995, he was one of the first photographers to be awarded an MPAGB and, since then, has sat on several APM adjudication panels. Paul gained an MFIAP for a panel of monochrome environmental portraits in 2014, and became the first person in the UK to reach the EFIAP/diamond 2 level for exhibition success this year. He is still a very active and prolific international exhibitor.

Paul is on the PAGB judges list and has judged many regional, national, and international exhibitions.


Jo McIntyre  MPAGB

Jo is self-taught and obtained her MPAGB in 2015. She is interested in wildlife photography, particularly mammals and raptors. After setting up her own hides and running a number of photography tours, Jo won over 12 gold and silver medals in international competitions. However, this year she is taking a break from her own photography.


Louis Rumis  EFIAP MPAGB

Louis is now a very enthusiastic and passionate wildlife and travel photographer, with an EFIAP and MPAGB to his name, but he had never lived outside a London Borough until he moved to Hampshire just before his fortieth birthday. He then became far more involved in photography after joining Infinity Photographic Workshop.

He spent ten years as editor of the Royal Photographic Society Nature Group magazine, The Iris. During this period he gained his ARPS, but never got around to applying for an FRPS, despite managing to gain a PSA Gold Medal for the best nature print in the 2006 Southampton International Exhibition. In addition to being a member of his local photographic group, Lymington Camera Club, Louis judges at local photographic clubs and societies.

Louis is a Fellow of the Royal Entomological Society (FRES). He is also a member of the New Forest Badger Group, a member of the Hampshire Ornithological Society and a Life Member of the British Dragonfly Society.

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