Entry Fees 2024

SIE 2023 Nature-PDI-Giant-Cuttlefish-by-Ian-Patterson-PSA-Gold-Best-in-Class-Australia

Entries received without the correct fees will not be judged or returned!

Number of images per class:

We have 3 print classes and 3 digital classes. You can enter up to 4 images per class. You may enter all 6 classes with up to 4 images in each class making a maximum total of 24 images.

2024 Payment of Fees

Payments are made via the PayPal website, where you can pay from your PayPal account or a debit/credit card. All online entry fees are quoted in Pounds Sterling (GBP) and include a digital copy of the final catalogue. Towards the end of your online entry you will find an option to order a printed catalogue (£7.00) 

As you conclude your entry you should be presented with Paypal options.

UK Entry Fees

UK ENTRIES 1 Class 2 Classes 3 Classes
Prints without print return £12.00 £15.00 £18.00
Prints including return postage £22.00 £26.00 £30.00
Digital entries £12.00 £15.00 £18.00
Entry fees: £12.00 for the first class entered with £3 added for each additional class (up to 6 classes)Postage costs: Standing fee is £9. Plus 25p for each print entered. (Regardless of mounted or unmounted)

Non UK Entries

Prints 1 Class 2 classes 3 classes
Prints (excluding postage) £12.00 £15.00 £18.00
Prints (including return postage) Apologies – Return postage is NOT offered. All prints will be destroyed. You are encouraged to submit your prints unmounted.
Online – Digital £12.00 £15.00 £18.00


Due to high postage costs, a decision has been taken not to return images. You are encouraged to submit your prints UNMOUNTED if you wish. Naturally you may also decide to submit your images MOUNTED. This is entirely the entrants decision. Please mark your entry for DESTRUCTION unless you can arrange to have them collected. In which case please tick the appropriate option in the entry form. Thank you for your understanding.