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Login and Registration Questions

First of all, are you sure that you are not already logged in? Your login status is displayed in the panel with the dark blue background in the upper right side of every page of our website.

One possible reason for login failure is that it has not yet been activated. When you first register on this site a confirmation email is automatically sent to you. You should receive this email within a minute or so of registering. If you click on the ‘activation’ link in this email it will take you back to our website and complete the registration process. Until this has been done, your login will not work.

The most common cause of login problems is the use of the wrong password and/or username! Please note that our Login page contains a password reminder facility. All of our registered users are sent a personalised annual entry invitation email, which contains a reminder of the correct username.

If you have made 5 failed attempts to enter the correct password then your account will be automatically locked out and you will need to contact us for assistance. If you have forgotten your password then don’t keep guessing what it might be. Use the password reminder facility on the Login page instead.

The activation link in your registration confirmation email will normally be highlighted, usually by being underlined and in a different colour. However, if it is just the same as the other text in the email then the link may not be live. The security settings of your email software may prevent the display of an active hyperlink in an email. If this applies to you then you can either change those security settings or simply copy the activation link and paste it into the address bar of your browser.

Please be careful where you paste the address in the browser. Do not confuse the address bar with a Google or Bing search bar!

There are two common reasons for not receiving this email. Your anti-spam software may have treated our email as suspicious and moved it to a ‘quarantine’ or junk mail folder. Please inspect that folder before you do anything else. To avoid such problems, add to your list of trusted domains. Another possibility is that you mistyped your email address during the registration process (see below).

If you don’t mind providing a new username then just restart the registration from the beginning. Take care to check all details thoroughly before clicking the Create User button (or before hitting the Enter key, which usually has the same effect). However, if you wish to continue using the username you originally specified, then please contact us for assistance.

No. That would just create duplicate records on our system, something we would prefer to avoid. If you remember your username then our login page provides a facility for requesting a reminder of your password, which will be sent to the primary email address in your profile. If you have forgotten your username then please contact us for assistance. We recommend that you keep your registered email address up to date to avoid any problems.


You can find a list of all our key target dates here. Please note that the report card is sent via email wherever possible. To save cost, catalogues and prints are sent by surface mail. Please allow a reasonable time for postal delays before contacting us about missing items, but note that our list of key dates includes a deadline for reporting any losses.

If you sent us a message via our Contact Us page are you certain that you typed your own email address correctly? If not, then please contact us again.

We make every effort to respond to emails within 24 hours. However, on a very limited number of occasions we have found that our reply to an entrant has been rejected with an obscure error message from the entrant’s ISP mail server. Repeat emails from us just generate the same error response. There are many possible reasons for such problems but they are usually beyond our control. This is very frustrating for everyone involved! If you continue to get no reply from us then we recommend that you try using a different email address (if you have one) or ask a friend to make contact with us on your behalf.

We would be grateful if you would notify us of any change in your personal contact details by updating your Profile in a timely manner. Please do not wait until the next competition before making such changes.

Note that if you request a password reminder it will be sent to the primary email address we have on record for you. If you have forgotten your password and you know that your registered email address is no longer valid then you will have to contact us for assistance.


We have a long standing arrangement with Smethwick where we meet them part way to collect your prints. However we have asked Smethwick not to pass on your prints unless it is your intention to enter our competition by the deadline closing date. Naturally they may not always know your intentions so please enter online as soon as possible or contact us if there is a problem.  Additionally if you want your packages returning you must now opt for RETURN POSTAGE in your entry. Alternatively you can tick the Hold For Collection button but you will be responsible for arranging collection within 3 months. Due to our limited storage,  packages will be destroyed after that period. We can no longer return prints to Smethwick as we have done in the past. Apologies.

All prints should be carefully packaged and sent to the following address. The package should also contain a full summary of your entry to our salon.

Event Organisor
Address here on our Contact Page Contact Us

Yes, we recognise that our postage-inclusive rates are optimised for individual entries and can result in a total group payment that does not reflect the true cost of returning a single box containing all the prints submitted by a group. Please check our group entry page for information about how to claim an excess postage refund.

Yes, this is necessary. We need digital copies for use in our catalogue and/or any slideshows and presentations associated with the winning images. The entry form will provide the means for uploading the images.

Basic Information

Click here for all entry class definitions, etc.

Click here for selection panel information, etc

Patronage numbers can be found under each of the Patronage Organisations logos on our Home Page


Yes. Our online entry process will take you to the PayPal website to make payment but you are not forced to pay via a PayPal account. A credit or debit card is an acceptable alternative method of payment.

Can I still enter online?It is perfectly acceptable for someone else, such as a friend or another member of your family, to make the PayPal payment on your behalf. However, the payment details have to be entered on the same computer that is being used to make the SIE entry.

If you can pay via PayPal, it seems very likely that you could also submit your entry online. However, if there are special reasons why a postal entry is preferred then we can accept PayPal payment by special arrangement. PayPal is also our preferred payment method for a group postal entry. Please contact us for further details.

Entry confirmation and review

After completing your payment on the PayPal website you should be returned automatically to the SIE website, where you should see a page that provides confirmation of your entry. However, if you do not wait to be transferred back to our site or you have technical problems with your computer or Internet connection then you may not see that page. However, this onscreen confirmation is of minor importance as when we receive your payment status from PayPal an entry confirmation email is sent to your primary email address.

If you have not received this email then it may be that your anti-spam software has treated it as suspicious and moved it to a ‘quarantine’ or junk mail folder. Please inspect that folder before contacting us for assistance. To avoid such problems, add to your list of trusted domains. If this email does not arrive within an hour of submitting your entry then please contact us to confirm that your entry has been received.

If you log in to our website and once again click the Enter Online button, you will be given the opportunity to see a summary of your completed entry to the current competition, including the ability to view large versions of all your digital entries. This facility is not available after the closing date.